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Humana Healthy Living Plan PPO Drops Reader’s Digest For 2014

Humana is going away from it’s Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan name after it introduced just two years ago.  Humana introduced the Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan for 2012 in order to compete with AARP’s
Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2 PPO plan.  At the time, Humana had nothing but expensive Medicare Advantage plans when they rolled out the Reader’s Digest version which had strong benefits and was clearly aimed at competing with AARP.  The new Reader’s Digest plan made them a strong player in the Medicare Advantage field.

Humana Healthy Living Plan PPO

Fast forward two years and Humana has managed to keep part of the plan name and appears to be only keeping some of the great benefits that were present with the Reader’s Digest version.  In addition they have managed to roll out some HMO plans that are very competitive when it comes to cost, but not so much when it comes to network.  Alas, you could make all the copays $0, but if you have no network…well, that’s been done before in Florida with MD Medicare Choice.  Be sure to read my article on HMO vs. PPO to see the important differences.

Unfortunately,  we are now seeing less coverage at higher prices.  What we don’t know is if this is a direct result of the new Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) or if Humana has just decided to follow history.  History dictates that pretty much each year a company will come out with a plan that just blows everyone else out of the water.  This typically increases membership exponentially, and helps bring in much needed revenue; however, within a year or two the benefits go away while the company hold it’s collected breath hoping to hold on to as many of the Medicare recipients as possible.

Humana Healthy Living Plan PPO Changes

  • The biggest change that you need to be aware of is the deductible for prescription drugs.  The deductible is $150 in Florida, and could be different in different regions of the country.  Be sure to check your area to confirm.  This idea goes over like a wet blanket!  It’s been tried before, and most seniors just don’t like it.  The benefit you use the most is your prescription drug benefit, and you don’t want to have to pay the first $150 of your prescription drugs.
  • SilverSneakers available for $32/month additional.  I know why the companies are doing this, but it still doesn’t make sense for you!  SilverSneakers is one of the least used benefits in these Medicare Advantage plans, but seniors like knowing its there if they want it.  Paying $32/month for it makes NO sense at all.
  • One benefit that didn’t change and needed to is the Lab copay.  The lab copay is listed as $0 to $290 in the Summary of Benefits (SOB).  They really do mean $290!  How do you determine how much you will be charged?  It is determined by where the lab work is administered.  The $290 is billed at the hospital.  If your doctor sends you to a hospital to do your lab work you will be billed $290!

Make sure you compare plans at before signing up for any Medicare Advantage plan.  Never enroll with a captured agent who only represents the one company they work for unless you have already done your due diligence.