AARP Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2

While some Regional PPOs like Humana’s Readers Digest Healthy Living Plan were degrading their benefits, Medicare Complete was making improvements to their benefits.  The Medicare Complete plan has always been a solid Regional PPO, but it has also had some drawbacks as well.  This year for 2013 they are eliminating some of those drawbacks, and improving their benefits even more.  You will definitely want to consider this plan for Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage Plans2013.  Let’s look at some the changes to their benefits.  I reference some of these changes in general in my post a month ago entitled AARP Medicare Complete improves their benefits in Florida.  Check here for more 2013 plan updates.

AARP Medicare Complete Choice 2

  • Offering a $0 Copay for Primary Care visits – this was already a low copay at $10, but now you will not be able to use money as an excuse for not going to the doctor
  • They have eliminated the 20% copay for outpatient procedures.  This is a huge plus as it was a major concern for many people.  The copay will be a flat $250
  • Hospital copay is being reduced to $295
  • Offering $0 Copays for many generic drugs!  Just imagine not having to pay anything when you go to the pharmacy!
  • Lowered Out of Pocket Maximum to $4,900 – This is a really nice benefit as well
  • Still offering Silver Sneakers and Hearing Aids!
  • Network not as extensive as others like Humana and BCBS
  • Does not capitalize on their national network, and instead offers their cumbersome Passport program
  • No Coverage through the Coverage Gap

AARP Medicare Complete Choice 2 – Summary of Benefits

  • $0 monthly plan premium
  • $0 drug deductible
  • Maximum Out of Pocket – $4,900
  • Primary doctor copay – $0
  • Specialist copay – $35
  • Outpatient services – $250
  • Hospital stay – $295/day Days 1-5
  • Labwork copay – $14
  • X-Ray copay – $16
  • Part D Drug Copays – Tier 1 – $0, Tier 2 – $6, Tier 3 – $45, Tier 4 – $95, Tier 5 – 33%
  • Dental, Hearing, and Vision offering $0 routine exams

In summary this plan is definitely enhanced from last year.  If you are already on the plan, it is unlikely that you will find any better coverage.  If you have not yet tried AARP MedicareComplete Choice Plan 2, this may be the year to give it a shot.  As always verify your providers accept the plan before signing up.

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  • il resident

    United Health care doesn’t pay squat for physical or occupational therapy. Elderly parents switched last year, and they go billed almost $120 a day for different therapies!! The therapy people said that medicare alone paid them for their services, 80%. With AARP’s medicare Complete, had $40 copays and the nursing home found about three things a day that they could bill for.

    And try to get anyone to tell what they did and when they did it! And how can an elderly person even keep track of it! Stick with regular medicare and a supplement (BCBS), they pay better and then you are socked with high bills 3 months to a year later!

    • admin

      Yes, it is true that Medicare Advantage plans do not pay well when it comes to Skilled Nursing. Medicare pays the first 20 days of inpatient care in a skilled nursing facility after a three night stay in a hospital. Days 21-100 are billed at $148 per day under Medicare Part A. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer similar coverage while others start billing the beneficiary on day 1. If you want comprehensive Skilled nursing coverage you should definitely consider original Medicare with a Medicare supplement that includes coverage for days 21-100.

  • Georgia Dornseif

    My primary care doctor (Dr. Purser) advises me that she will not be taking this plan’s members as patients beginning Jan1, 2014. What a disappointment. Did you drop her or did she drop you? I see other doctors under the plan as well. How can I know who else is going to drop my coverage from your plan?

    Are there other options available that will let me keep my doctor? Geogia Dornseif

    • admin


      You will want to contact AARP Medicare Complete directly to find out what doctors are going to be in their network for 2014. Typically, the plans contract with the doctors from year to year, and try to keep doctors in the network. You may want to ask your doctor why they are not re contracting with AARP Medicare Complete. If you want to keep your doctor, you will have to ask him/her what Medicare Advantage plans they will be accepting in 2014 and then change to that plan. But of course now your doctor is dictating what insurance you have to use. Otherwise, you can choose another doctor in the AARP Medicare Complete network if you wish to keep your plan for 2014