AARP Medicare Complete

Perhaps you’ve seen some advertisements for AARP Medicare Complete.  If not, you will be seeing plenty over the next several months.  Clearly, as the name states, it is a Medicare plan sponsored by AARP, and the insurer is United HealthcareAARP Medicare Complete.  The first thing that you must realize is that AARP Medicare Complete is not a Medicare supplement.  Instead, it is a Medicare Advantage plan also known as Medicare Part C. The plans can be found in three different versions depending on what county you live in.  It will be either an HMO, HMO-POS, or PPO

The Benefits of AARP Medicare Complete

  • No Deductibles
  • Low co-pays for doctor’s visits
  • Large networks
  • Extra benefits
  • Low Max Out of Pocket
  • Prescription Drug Coverage included

Let’s talk about the extra benefits here.  The extra benefits that this plan provides has typically included Silver Sneakers (gym memberships), preventative dental care, and a 24 hour nurse line.  In addition, in 2012, Medicare Complete is adding an extra hearing benefit as well in 16 different states.  Starting in 2012, beneficiaries will be able to get a hearing aid for a minimal co-pay between $0-$390 per device.  Even at the $390 co-pay, there is a substantial savings for devices that can cost upwards of $8,000.  Make sure you check with the plan in your area to see if this benefit is available to you!

The Drawbacks of AARP Medicare Complete

  • Higher co-pays for things like hospital stays
  • 20% for out-patient surgery

As outpatient surgery becomes more and more prevalant, Medicare beneficiaries need to take more notice of the cost.  One glaring drawback of this plan is that you have to pay 20% for outpatient surgery instead of a flat co-pay.  Beneficiaries should also take note of the higher hospital co-pays especially if they believe they could end up with a hospital stay during the year.  You can check if a Medicare Complete plan is available in y0ur area at

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