Advantage by Managed Health Services HMO SNP Review

Advantage by Managed Health Services is a Medicare Advantage HMO SNP plan available in Langlade, Marathon, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, and Taylor counties in Wisconson.  It is only available to individuals with Medicare and Medicaid benefits.  The coverage does include Part D drug coverage as well as health benefits.  In addition they offer nurses to help you with your healthcare.  Below is a review of the benefits they offer:

Advantage by Managed Health Services HMO SNP

  • Premium – $0
  • Deductible – $0
  • $3,400 out-of-pocket limit – based on your level of Medicaid you may have no out of pocket expense
  • Network – Must go to in-network doctors and hospitals to receive benefits
  • Referrals – Required
  • Inpatient hospital – $0
  • Doctors Visits – $0
  • Outpatient Surgery – $0
  • Emergency room/Ambulance – $0
  • Part D Drug Coverage Included – You pay between $0 and $6.50 per prescription based on your level of assistance

Extra Benefits Included With Advantage by Managed Health Services

  • Dental – $0 co-pay for 2 cleanings/1 x-ray per year.  Includes $1,200 of comprehensive dental coverage
  • Hearing – $0 co-pay for 1 hearing exam and up to $600 of hearing aid coverage
  • Vision – $0 co-pay for a pair of eyeglasses and an eye exam up to $150 limit on glasses

Over-The-Counter Benefit Included

Advantage offers you $25 a month in over-the-counter benefits!  You can simply call a toll free number and order the items you would like.  They will ship them directly to your door.  Items include pain relievers, eye care items, first aid supplies, antacids, and many many more!

This plan also has a fitness benefit that will reimburse you up to $250 per year for fitness club memberships.  Since this plan is an HMO you will have to use providers and facilities that are in the plan’s network, and you will not be covered for any services received outside the network.  You want to make sure your providers are in network by visiting their website.   You may also visit for more information regarding this plan.

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