Aetna Medicare 2012 Review

You probably have heard of Aetna either through employer group plans or just their extensive advertising.  Aetna does offer Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO plans in many areas throughout the country.  Each plan is different depending on what county you live in.  This review will offer a brief overview of the Aetna Medicare offerings for 2012 as well as their additional benefits and Value Added bonuses that many of their plans include.  Aetna offers four Medicare Advantage plans labeled Aetna Medicare Premier Plan, Aetna Medicare Select Plan, Aetna Medicare Standard Plan, and the Aetna Medicare Value Plan.  As the names imply, the different plans have increased benefits based on plan choice.

Aetna Medicare HMO Plans

The above plans can be either HMO or PPO plans depending on what state you live in.  It’s important to note the differences between HMO’s and PPO’s!

  • The Aetna Medicare HMO offerings for 2012 includes access to tens of thousands of doctors in their nationwide network.  This is one of the biggest concerns for HMO plans due to their restrictive network requirements.
  • In some areas Aetna does not require referrals for their HMO.  (This is a big benefit!)
  • Low premiums compared to supplements and some other Medicare Advantage plans
  • Fitness Center benefits
  • Optional Supplemental benefits available with some plans

Aetna Medicare PPO Plans

  • Offers the flexibility to see your doctor in or out of network for a low monthly plan premium
  • Coverage for most Medicare Part D drugs
  • Flexibility to see your doctor with no referral required, even out of network
  • Fitness Center benefits

Aetna Optional Supplemental Benefits

  • Comprehensive dental coverage offered through the Aetna Medicare Advantage Dental Plan
  • Eyewear reimbursement of $125
  • Hearing aid reimbursement of up to $300
  • Value Added Services that offer discounts for vision, hearing, weight loss, and many other products and services

Visit in order to see more details and look up what coverage is available in your area.

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