Amerigroup Community Care Amerivantage Classic Choice RX Review

Amerigroup is a large healthcare company that focuses on providing healthcare for people in need.  In addition they include Medicare Advantage coverage for seniors eligible for Medicare.  One plan that they offer is the Amerivantage Classic Choice + Rx plan available in 11 counties in Tennessee and Texas.  This plan is an HMO-POS and is an affordable alternative to original Medicare.  Here is a summary of what the plan covers for Tennessee residence:

Amerivantage Classic Choice + Rx

  • $0 monthly plan premium!
  • $6,700 Maximum Out of Pocket Limit
  • No referral required for doctors, specialists, or hospitals
  • $250/day hospital copay for days 1-7
  • $10 doctor visits and $30 specialists visits
  • $100 – $200 copay for outpatient surgery
  • $0 copay for labs and $200 copay for diagnostic procedures
  • $50 copay for x-rays
  • Part D drugs:  Tier 1 = $0; Tier 2 = $3; Tier 3 = $30; Tier 4 = $60; Tier 5 = 33%
  • 90 Days Mail order offered at a discount

Additional Benefits With Amerivantage Classic Choice

  • Coverage for Generic drugs during the Coverage Gap!
  • $0 copay for preventative dental and $250 for comprehensive dental work every three months
  • $0 copay for hearing tests, and for a hearing aid up to a $1000
  • $0 copay for eye exams and glasses up to $150
  • OTC benefit – Over the Counter benefit of $50 every 3 months
  • Transportation benefit – $0 copay for up to 36 one way trips
  • POS Benefit – Point of Service benefit allows you to use doctors outside of the network
  • Silver Sneakers gym membership at no cost!

This plan has a lot to offer with all of the additional benefits that are available to enrollees.  Be aware of the POS benefit however!  Even though this is offered as a benefit, make sure it does not actually cost you!  You can protect yourself by making sure you are using the benefit correctly by verifying in advance with the insurance company that it is ok for your situation.  Many POS plans are difficult if not near impossible for you to utilize the POS feature of the plan.  To verify if your providers are in the plan’s network be sure to visit their site.  You can also visit as well for additional information about the plan.

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