Amerihealth 65 NJ RX Medicare Plan Review

Amerihealth 65 is a Medicare Advantage HMO plan offered to residence in four counties in New Jersey.  You must be a resident of either Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, or Salem county in New Jersey in order to enroll into the plan.  They boast a network of over 3,000 primary care doctors, 100 hospitals, and over 50,000 specialists.  This is important since the plan is an HMO which generally requires you to see plan doctors in order to receive care.  Below is a summary of what the plan offers:

Amerihealth 65 NJ RX (HMO)

  • $242.10 monthly plan premium
  • $1,500 annual deductible
  • $6,700 maximum out of pocket
  • Referrals required for network specialists
  • $0 copay for hospital stays after deductible
  • $15 copay for doctors and $40 copay for specialists
  • $0 copay for outpatient surgery
  • $0 copay for labs, diagnostic procedures, and x-rays
  • $320 annual deductible for drugs
  • 25% copay for drugs after deductible

Additional Benefits For Amerihealth 65 NJ RX Plan

  • $10 copay for a cleaning every six months
  • $40 copay for routine hearing exam and up to $500 toward hearing aids
  • $40 copay for eye exam and up to $100 for a pair of glasses
  • No OTC or transportation coverage

Amerihealth 65 NJ also offers a plan without prescription drug coverage.  The plan does not have the RX in the title.  The only difference in the benefits offered besides the drug coverage is the premium.  The premium for the Medical Only plan is $184.70/month.  These plans are extremely expensive for the coverage they offer!  I would recommend have original Medicare only with a supplement that at least covers the 20% or more if you can afford it.  Paying over $240/month for a Medicare Advantage plan is CRAZY!  Add on top of that the deductible, and you are being ripped off!  I am not going to link to their site as I normally do because I want to encourage you to explore other options such as different Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare supplements.

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