Amerivantage Specialty RX by Amerigroup Community Review

Amerigroup Community Care is a large company offering health care to the needy throughout several states.  Amerivantage Specialty + Rx is their Medicare Advantage plan that they offer in New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Texas.  This plan is an HMO-SNP designed for people with both Medicare and Medicaid coverage from the state.  The plan offers the same Medical coverage in each of the states, but differs some in the extra benefits that are made available for you.

Amerivantage Specialty + RX (HMO-SNP)

  • $0 monthly plan premium
  • $6,700 Maximum Out of Pocket
  • $0 copays for most all medical services
  • Note that most people will not have any cost sharing at all due to your level of Medicaid benefits
  • Part D Drugs covered – Generics $0 – $2.60; Brand $0 – $6.50

Additional Benefits With Amerivantage Specialty RX

  • No Coverage Gap due to LIS and Medicare Savings Program
  • $0 copay for preventative dental and $500 for comprehensive dental work every three months
  • $0 copay for hearing tests, and for a hearing aid up to a $2000
  • $0 copay for eye exams and glasses up to $300
  • OTC benefit – Over the Counter benefit of $200 every 3 months
  • Transportation benefit – $0 copay for unlimited one way trips
  • Silver Sneakers gym membership at no cost!
  • Note:  These extra benefits are for Texas.  New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Tennessee have the same benefits available, but at lower levels

If you are looking at joining an HMO-SNP Dual Eligible plan make sure you consider the advantages and disadvantages.  You may have more access to doctors if the plan has an extensive provider directory.  You will also most likely receive more benefits that you currently receive through Medicare and Medicaid alone.  You can look up your providers on the plan’s website, and you can find additional plan information by visiting

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