Blue Cross Medicare Advantage

Blue Cross Blue Shield is an established and well known national company.    Many people are familiar with Blue Cross Blue Shield because they had medical coverage through them with an employer or privately direct with the company.  Blue Cross has been around over 80 years and has insured millions of people over that time frame.  They are headquartered in Chicago with offices in Washington D.C.  Blue Cross offers many types of health insurance, and Medicare Advantage is no exception!

Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Types

In addition to Medicare supplements, Blue Cross offers Medicare Advantage plans as well in 38 states across the U.S.  They also offer a national prescription drug plan as well.  Let’s focus on the Medicare Advantage plans that are available.  Blue Cross offers many types of Medicare Advantage plans depending on what state and county you are located in.  For example, the Regional PPO is available in Forida and California, but not in Alabama and Arkansas.  They also offer a PPO, HMO, and PFFS plan as well.  The also offer a SNP or Special Needs Plan program in a handful of states.  These plans all typically include prescription drug coverage.

Does Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Make Sense For Me?

Historically, the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plans have not been competitive with the other plans available.  That has changed now in 2012.  They are now offering zero premium plans in some parts of the country like many of their competitors.  You should always consider these points when choosing a Medicare Advantage plan:

  1. Is my doctor/hospital in the network?
  2. How much do I anticipate using the coverage?
  3. Are my prescriptions covered in their formulary
  4. What does the plan cost per month?

You can find the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan that is right for you by clicking here:

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