Buckeye Health Medicare Advantage Plan Review

Buckeye Community Health Plan, as the name implies is based out of Ohio.  They offer a Medicare Advantage plan called Advantage by Buckeye Community Health Plan.  This health plan is an (HMO-SNP).  This designation tells you first of all that the program is an HMO.  Secondly, it tells you that it is only available to the Special Needs Population.  In this case, the SNP is for Dual Eligibles, or people that have both Medicare and Medicaid.  The Advantage plan is also designated as an MAPD meaning that it offers both medical as well as prescription drug coverage.  Below are the highlights of the plan coverage:

Advantage by Buckeye Community Health Plan¹

  • Premium = $0
  • Max – Out-of-Pocket = $3,400
  • All Medical services have a $0 co-pay in-network
  • Part D Drugs covered at LIS levels of $0 – $6.50
  • Additional Benefits included like vision, dental, and hearing

Advantage by Buckeye Additional Benefits¹

  • Dental = 1 cleaning and x-ray per year, and 1 comprehensive filling per tooth every 2 years
  • Vision = 1 eye exam and eyewear every year up to $300
  • Hearing = 1 hearing exam and up to $750 toward a hearing aid
  • Transportation = 30 free round trips for medical appointments
  • Health Clubs = Up to $250 annually toward health club memberships
  • OTC Benefits = $25/month in Over The Counter benefits shipped free to your home
  • Free Emergency Medical Response System
  • Nursline available 24/7

In addition to all of these benefits Advantage by Buckeye offers MemberConnections and Care Management programs to help members with serious needs receive the extra care and help that they need.  These benefits are very comprehensive and definitely a reason to look at this program over just Medicare and Medicaid.  However, keep in mind that the program is only as good as it’s network.  Make sure that your doctor and medical facilities of choice accept the Advantage by Buckeye Community Health Plan, or that you are willing to change doctors as this plan is an HMO.  You will have to go to plan doctors and deal with referrals for specialists!  For more detailed information visit their website.

¹Advantage by Buckeye Community Health Plan Summary of Benefits

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