Medicare Part B Premium For 2015

The Medicare Part B premium is staying the same for 2015.  The premium will be $104.90 a month which has remained in place now for three years.  The Part B premium is what you pay for Medicare Part B coverage.  Part A 2015 New Year Conceptcoverage has no premium as long as you qualify.  If you have higher income of $85,000, or $170,000 for married couples, you pay a higher premium which is also staying unchanged.

If you are one of the many seniors living on just Social Security income, you may qualify for assistance from the state to help pay for your Medicare Part B premium.  In addition, they may help pay some of the costs that Medicare does not pay as well.  Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover all costs and leave substantial gaps in coverage that you must cover with a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.

The Part A hospital deductible is going to increase $44 in 2015 to a total of $1,260.  This deductible however is not really a deductible as you know annual deductibles to be.  It actually works more as a copay, and can be charged as many as 6 or more times in a year.  It’s a good idea to have coverage to help pay the Part A hospital deductible.