Cigna Medicare Rx Healthy Rewards

Cigna Medicare Rx Healthy Rewards is a discount program that is available to members of the Cigna Medicare RX drug plans.  Cigna Medicare RX is a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that is available nationally.  It covers over 97% of drugs used by Medicare beneficiaries.  They offer two versions of the RX drug plan, and the Healthy Rewards is available with both plans.

Cigna Medicare Rx Healthy Rewards Highlights

Hearing Aids

Members receive discounts of several hundred dollars on hearing aids as well as free batteries for the first few years.  They also receive substantial discounts on hearing exams as well as batteries for existing hearing aids

Vision Discounts

Members receive discounts on eye exams and vision wear at over 20,000 locations including many popular eye glass stores.

Alternative Treatments

Members receive a 25% discount on Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Massage therapy

Weight Loss

Receive up to 25% off on several popular weight loss programs including Jenny Craig.

Additional Savings

Members also receive discounts on fitness club memberships, laser vision care, Over the Counter products, and many more.

Should I Join Cigna Medicare Rx Healthy Rewards

Maybe, the first thing you need to do is check how your drugs are covered with their plans.  Make sure your drugs are listed in their formulary, and what tier they are.  Also consider the cost of the plan premium as well as your co-pay costs.  It does not make a lot of sense to join the program just for the Healthy Rewards if you are paying extra for your drugs.  However, if you are trying to decide between this plan and another that covers your drugs about the same then go for the plan with the extras.

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