Community CCRX Basic and Choice Review

Community CCRX is a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan available throughout the United States.  It is offered through Pennsylvania Life Insurance Company except in New York where it is offered by Silverscript Life Insurance company.  Overall, Community CCRX currently covers around 2 million members.  Enrolling in Community CCRX offers you several benefits including:

  1. 24 hour toll free customer service
  2. Nationwide Access with neighborhood convenience
  3. Opportunities to save big with generic drugs
  4. Lower co-pays on name brand drugs
  5. A choice of plans that fits your needs
They offer two plans called Community CCRX Basic and Community CCRX Choice.  Below is a summary of how each one covers you:

Community CCRX Basic

  • Premium is between $20.10 and $53.10
  • Deductible is $320
  • Tier 1 drugs $2
  • Tier 2 drugs 24%-29%
  • Tier 3 drugs 45%-50%
  • Tier 4 drugs 25%

Community CCRX Choice

  • Premium is between $75.20 to $95.60
  • Deductible is $0
  • Tier 1 drugs $0
  • Tier 2 drugs $40
  • Tier 3 drugs $70
  • Tier 4 drugs 33%
Note that there is no discount for 90 days supply on either one of their programs, and no additional coverage through the Coverage gap.  You may want to consider a different plan if you fill your medications through mail order.  Community CCRX does offer access to over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, and claims an enhanced relationship with your pharmacist for even better care and service.  If you are only taking generic drugs, it looks like the Basic plan would be best.  If you have more name brand drugs than generic ones you may want to consider the Choice plan.  You can access their plan information for your specific state by clicking here.  As always, you can lookup all Medicare part D drug plan information by visiting the official Medicare site at

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