Evercare Medicare Insurance Changing Names

Evercare Medicare Insurance is Medicare coverage for the Special Needs Population (SNP) provided through United Healthcare.  It is considered a Medicare Advantage plan and not original Medicare.  Special needs is classified as having a Evercare Medicare Insurance Changing Nameschronic illness, disability, living in nursing homes, or receiving assistance from the state.  The Evercare Medicare Insurance in 2012 is going to be carried under one of these three brands:  United Healthcare Community Plans, Citrus Healthcare, or Physicians Health Choice.

Evercare Medicare Programs

Evercare Medicare programs are currently available in 8 states including Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Texas.  Not all Evercare Medicare programs are available across all the covered states.  Since these plans are Medicare Advantage plans they do utilize a network of physicians such as HMO, PPO, RPPO, and HMO-POS.  Each plan has it’s own unique qualifier for the beneficiary.  For example, the chronic illness plan requires you to have one of the qualifying chronic illnesses such as diabetes and chronic heart failure.

Advantage of Joining Evercare Insurance

Typically, the Evercare plans offer their beneficiaries benefits such as eyewear and transportation to the doctor that they would not have otherwise.  The additional benefits offered will vary based on the type of plan.  Also, in some cases the beneficiary will have access to more doctors and facilities than they currently do.  A good example of this is with the Medicare and Medicaid plan offered to those with Medicare and state assistance.  Many doctors are reluctant to take Medicaid because of the low reimbursements received.  If the doctor is contracted with the Evercare plan, they have to accept the insurance giving the beneficiary access to a large network of doctors and facilities.

NOTE:  You can enroll in SNPs all year long as long as you qualify.

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