Florida Medicare Advantage Plans

Florida has a large number of Medicare Advantage plans available.  One reason could be the large population of seniors that retire to the state.  The first thing to consider if you are looking for a Medicare Advantage plan in Florida is that the plans are NOT state specific.  The are in fact county specific.  Check here to look up Medicare Advantage plans by state for 2012.  Chances are you will find a company in South Florida that is not at all available in the Northern part of the state.  One exception to this is United Healthcare.  They offer a plan that is identical across the state.  This is probably because of the size of the company.  They also offer a large network across the state.

Do Florida Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Part D Drug Coverage?

Some do and some don’t.  You need to make sure if you are looking for drug coverage that the plan is an MAPD (Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug) plan.  If the plans is an MA only plan that means it does not offer drug coverage for Part D.  If you don’t have part D of Medicare and decide to sign up at a later date you will pay a penalty for not having the coverage when you were first eligible.  When you are comparing the plans on www.medicare.gov you will see two options for displaying the available plans.  One will be plans with prescription drug coverage and one will be without.

Don’t Forget About Medicare Supplements

If you are a snow bird you may want to consider a Medicare supplement instead of a Medicare Advantage plan.  The reason is that Medicare Advantage plans will not offer you routine coverage when you are in your other home state.  You will only have urgent care and emergency room coverage.  A Medicare supplement will offer you full protection no matter what home you are living in at the time!


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