Healthspring Healthy Advantage Medicare Plans

Healthspring is a Medicare Advantage company offering Medicare coverage in several states.  One of their most popular plans is the Healthy Advantage plan.  This is a comprehensive look at the Healthspring Healthy Advantage Medicare plan and whether or not it makes sense for you!  Since Medicare Advantage plans are state and county specific; the plan may vary from state to state and county to county.

Healthy Advantage (HMO) Be Aware!

The Healthy Advantage HMO is a plan with NO Medicare prescription drug coverage.  These plans are generally marketed to individuals with VA drug benefits or some other kind of qualified prescription drug coverage.  Make sure that you do not sign up for this plan if you NEED Medicare presciption drug coverage.  You will save about $25 a day on your inpatient hospital copay and $5 on your specialist copay for choosing this plan.  Just remember that you will no have prescription drug coverage which could cause you a penalty down the road!

Healthy Advantage Preferred (HMO)

The Healthy Advantage Preferred plan is the entry level plans for Healthspring and generally caries a zero premium.  This plan does include drug coverage so it is fine if you need medical and drug coverage in your plan.  The copays are slightly higher in some cases in this plan, but the zero premium more than makes up for that.  My advise is to choose this plan over the premium plan because in most cases you will come out ahead at the end of the year.

Healthy Advantage Premier (HMO-POS)

The Healthy Advantage Premier carries a nice size premium with it, and offers some advantages that the other plans do not.  You will save $5 on specialist visits and $25 on hospital co-pays, but the biggest advantage is the Comprehensive dental coverage that it offers.  Before you put down your $60/month (FL), verify your dental network, and consider if you could buy dental coverage for less!

The Best Benefit of All

The Healthy Advantage Preferred and Premier plans do something that most Medicare Advantage plans do not!  They cover generic prescriptions through the Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) as well as insulin for diabetics.  If you are a diabetic requiring insulin, you should look long and hard at this plan!  It could save you hundred literally!


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      In most areas you do not pay a monthly premium. You will pay co-pays when you use the services for things like doctor’s visits, hospitalization, etc…

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