Healthspring Prescription Drug Plan Review

Healthspring offers a national Medicare Prescription Drug Plan as well as Medicare Advantage plans in many states.  Healthspring is based out of Tennessee is one of the fastest growing Medicare Advantage companies in the United States.  They were recently purchased by Cigna, but currently are maintaining their own Healthspring branding.  Healthspring has always been a company that does things differently, and when it comes to prescription drug coverage they make no exception.  Healthspring offers only one Medicare Prescription Drug Plan while other companies offers usually two to three with one being a “value” plan, and the others being more “comprehensive”.  Healthspring simply offers one plan called Healthspring Prescription Drug Plan.

Healthspring Prescription Drug Plan

The Healthspring Prescription Drug Plan is offered nationally, and the premium you pay will vary based on the region of the U.S. where you live.  You can find your premium by visiting

  • Premium is $27.50 to $53.00
  • Deductible is $320
  • Generic drugs %25
  • Brand drugs %25
  • No extra Coverage Gap coverage
This is a very unique approach to drug coverage.  You don’t see the traditional Tier 1 through Tier 4 or 5 approach here.  Just a 25% cost sharing after the deductible has been reached.  So is this good or bad?  That’s an excellent question!  I would say probably not if you are only taking a few low cost generic drugs; however, if you are taking mostly expensive brand drugs you may see some impressive savings.  Compare your drug plans by entering your drugs at and let them do the comparison for you!
NOTE:  If you are on insulin you may want to take a look at this plan.  Healthspring covers insulin at a lower cost generic co-pay in their Medicare Advantage plans.  In the summary of benefits for this Medicare Prescription Drug Plan they list branded insulin under the generics column which leads me to believe that you may see significant savings on your insulin!

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