Humana Medicare Part D

Humana is one of the nation’s largest Medicare Part D providers.  They really seam to be everywhere including Wal-marts, television, and certainly in your mailbox.  In fact, one of their drug plans is actually co-branded with Wal-mart! There certainly is a lot of brand recognition that goes along with Humana products.  The company itself has been around for over 50 years.  Of course, Medicare Part D is still a toddler as far as age goes.

Humana Medicare Part D Plans

Humana’s Medicare Part D offerings are typical when you start comparing from plan to plan.  The exception of course is the co-branding with Wal-mart and the premium price.  They currently offer three plan offerings:

  1. Humana Walmart-Preferred RX Plan
  2. Humana Enhanced
  3. Humana Complete

The Humana Wal-mart PDP offers a low premium of $14.80 a month and co-pays as low as $2 when using preferred in-store pharmacies.  The Humana Enhanced PDP plan will cover you with no deductible, and gives you a larger choice of network pharmacies.  Of course it comes with a higher monthly premium.  The Humana Complete PDP plan offers the largest drug coverage of the plans including some coverage in the Coverage Gap as well as the large selection of network pharmacies as well.

Are Humana Medicare Part D Plans Right For Me

Well this is a very personal question because everyone’s situation is different.  In other words, maybe, and maybe not.  Here is how you determine the best Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for you.

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on Compare Drug and Health Plans
  3. Enter in all of your medications
  4. Include dosages and frequency
  5. Finally, compare the results

Medicare will display the cheapest drug plan personalized for you based on an entire year.  They will factor in the annual deductible, the monthly premium, the co-pays for your drugs, and even the Coverage Gap or Donut Hole.  You even can sort the plans based on mail order price if you fill your drugs that way.


  1. jamesnorris211 says

    Thanks so much for this information! My dad has been having many heart problems and it is important to know these things. We just moved from Oregon and I would think they would have great oregon medicare advantage plans.

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