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Humana Healthy Living Plan PPO Drops Reader’s Digest For 2014


Humana’s Readers Digest Plan Loses Silver Sneakers in 2013

Most people have heard of Humana, and most people have heard of Reader’s Digest.  According to the Reader’s Digest, they are partnering with Humana to offer co-branded Medicare products to be introduced near the end of 2011.  The initial product offering is to be a Medicare supplement available in several states with plans to increase to all 50 states later.  In conjunction with the rollout, Reader’s Digest is slated to release a guide on Medicare decision making this month.

Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan Available in 2012

A review of the Medicare 2012 Plan Report shows a new Medicare Advantage Plan slated to be available in 2012.  The co-branded Medicare Advantage Plan is named Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan.  A quick review of the report shows the plan available across many states.  The plan network is either an HMO, HMO-POS, Regional PPO or PPO depending on what state you live in.  In Florida, the plan is being offered at a zero premium which is a departure from the typically high premiums associated with Humana Medicare Advantage plans.  Here is what is detailed in the plan for Florida:

Humana Reader's Digest Healthy Living Plan

Network:  Regional PPO

Premium: $0

Part D Drug Coverage:  Yes

Part D Deductible:  $0

This is all the information released so far, and you will find that the network and premium options change depending on what county and state you live in.  The good news is that Humana is finally offering a low cost alternative to Medicare beneficiaries in a time when Medicare Advantage costs were expected to increase.  Obviously, the big UNKNOWNS at this point is the level of benefits that the plan will offer, and the size of the network.  In some areas last year Humana offered a zero premium HMO, but the network so lacking that few beneficiaries signed up.  More information should be available in October so keep your eyes open for this new plan offering from Humana!



  1. fara reyes says

    I like to know how can I order drugs by mail if they are genetics at no cost. I like you to give me the name of the pharmacy and the address. Thanks you Very much

    Fara Reyes email

    • admin says


      Thank you for the comment. Most plans offer mail order as an option for filling your prescription drugs. Please call the plan, and they can tell you what the name of their mail order pharmacy is and how to fill your request.

  2. David B Terrell says

    Humana advantage readers digest ppo for Henry county, Missouri. I am getting various stories if it is avaliable in Henry county, Clinton, Missouri? Please Advise ASASP Need info on all sections of the plan Drugs/Eyses and Dental
    Thank You David Terrell

    • admin says


      I verified that the plan is available in Henry county as an HMO. It offers a zero premium, but be advised that it carries a $320 part D drug deductible. I hope this helps! thanks, matt

  3. ironist11 says

    I registered online for the 2011 Humana Adv. Prgm. to include the Silver Sneakers option. I’ve discovered that I was enrolled in this prgm. for 2012, and was told by the YMCA that I was ineligible for Sneakers prgm. Do I need to disenroll from this plan?

    • admin says

      If you disenroll from a Medicare Advantage plan now, your only option is to go back to original Medicare with a stand alone prescription drug plan. I don’t recommend that unless you are willing to pay the premium for a Medicare supplement. The Silver Sneakers program is a free benefit included in most of the Medicare Advantage plans. Check with Humana to see if you have the plan, and if so, where you can use it.


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