Medicare Advantage Plans by State

I am going to tell you how to find a list of Medicare Advantage Plans by state.  There is a couple of things that you need to be aware of.  Medicare Advantage plans are not state or even city specific; they are county specific.  I am asked quite How to Use the Medicare Advantage Plans by Stateoften, “What happens if I move?”  Since, Medicare Advantage is county specific you would need to sign up for a new plan in the are you move to.

How To Use the Medicare Advantage Plans by State list

The first thing to know is that this spreadsheet comes from CMS.  CMS stands for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  They are the governing body that manages Medicare.  Note at the bottom of the spreadsheet is two tabs containing the states in alphabetical order.

  1. Click the tab that contains your state.
  2. Once you have done that you will find the state column is the first column of the spreadsheet.
  3. Scroll down until you find your state.
  4. The next column is the county column.  You need to find your county in this column
  5. The next column is the Organization name which is the name of the company sponsoring the plan.
  6. You will find the name of the plan under the 4th column over.
  7. The Organization Type column is where you will find whether the plan is only a prescription drug plan or a medicare advantage plan.  PDP statnds for Prescription Drug Plan and CCP stands for Coordinated Care Plan.  CCP’s are Medicare Advantage plans
  8. The Plan Type column will tell you whether or not the plan is an HMO, PPO, PFFS, or Regional PPO
  9. There are several premium columns.  Add the Part D Premium Column to the Part C Premium column in order to get the total monthly premium for that plan
  10. Take notice of the Part D drug Deductible column to determine if the plan has a deductible for drugs.
  11. Also, note that the Extra Coverage in Gap and Type columns tell you if the plan has any coverage for drugs during the Coverage Gap or Donut Hole

Here is the link for Medicare Advantage Plans by State

Medicare Advantage Plans by State Updated for 2013

For 2013 CMS changed the format somewhat.  Now what is being downloaded is two .csv files.  These files can still be opened with Excel.  Previously, CMS provided one nice spreadsheet with two tabs at the bottom for finding your state.  This time they decided to put out two separate files.  The first file is for the states from Alabama to Montana, and the second file contains the states for Nebraska to Wyoming.  The rest is the same as last years listed above.  Let me know if you have any questions or need any help by leaving a comment below.  Here is the link for Medicare Advantage Plans By State for 2013

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