Medicare Complete To Pay For Hearing Aids

Update:  Hearing Aid coverage and Silver Sneakers still found in the 2013 AARP Medicare Complete Choice Plan!

AARP Medicare Complete which is offered through United Healthcare has included hearing aid coverage in it’s 2012 Medicare Advantage plan.  Original Medicare by itself does not offer coverage at all for hearing aids so seniors are having to

look elsewhere for their hearing aid coverage.  In the past many Medicare Advantage plans have offered some minimal type of hearing aid coverage; usually putting a cap on it around $350.  Good luck finding a hearing aid for $350.

AARP Medicare Complete Offers Comprehensive Hearing Aid Coverage

United Healthcare has partnered with hi HealthInnovations to offer affordable hearing aids to UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plan holders.  The program offers members a variety of popular models that are programmed to your personal hearing needs.  For added convenience, you can have the hearing aids sent directly to your home.

What Do The Hearing Aids Cost?

Members will pay a flat copay of $340 for each UnitedHealthcare HealthInnovations Behind-the-Ear hearing aid.  Members may also elect to pay $390 for each UnitedHealthcare HealthInnovations Open-Fit In-the-Canal aid.  There is a limit of 2 hearing aids per year.  With hearing aids costing in the thousands of dollars, this benefit will help many seniors who can’t afford the price tag for hearing aids.

Enrolling in AARP Medicare Complete

AARP Medicare Complete is a Medicare Advantage plan.  This means that you must have Medicare Parts A and B, live in your area six months out of the year, and do not have ESRD in order to join.  The Enrollment Period for Medicare beneficiaries is October 15th through December 7th.  If you are just turning 65 or just receiving your Medicare Part B, you have your own special enrollment period.  For information on hi healthinnovations, visit their website at