Medicare Excess Charges

Medicare Charges You Should Not Ignore

Ever wonder why you were sent a bill after a procedure even though you had Medicare and a Medicare supplement.  That bill could have been a result of Medicare Part B Excess Charges.  Theses charges are valid, and you will be responsible for them.  So where do these charges come from and how can you protect yourself?

Start By Understanding Medicare Assignment

This is the official definition of Assignment as found on the website:

“An agreement between a person with Medicare, a doctor or supplier, and Medicare. Doctors or suppliers who accept assignment from Medicare agree to accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment.”

So what does this mean?  Well, essentially it means that Medicare has a pre-determined amount that they have approved that they will pay for everything that could happen to you medically.  This amount is typically quite a bit less than what is normally billed by the doctor or facility.  What most people don’t realize is that doctors, surgeons, facilities, etc.. don’t have to accept this Medicare assignment!

This Is Where Medicare Part B Excess Charges Come In

When Medicare Assignment is not accepted, they are allowed to bill up to 15% above and beyond the Medicare-approved charges!  You definitely should protect yourself as these can come into play on an expensive surgery and other costly medical procedures.  Luckily Medicare supplement Plan F covers 100% of these Part B Excess Charges.  Also consider that as cuts are made to what the Medicare-approved amounts are which  in return causes the Medicare doctors to receive less; more and more Medicare doctors are going to have to stop taking Medicare Assignment.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

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