Sure Value Basic HMO Colorado Review

Sure Value Basic is an HMO that is offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Colorado.  It is available in Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties.  You must reside in one of these counties in order to enroll into the plan.  Sure Value Basic is a Medicare Advantage plan that you may want to consider as an alternative to having original Medicare with a Medicare supplement.  Below is a summary of how the plan covers you.

Sure Value Basic (HMO)

  • Premium – $0/monthly
  • Maximum Out of Pocket – $4,300
  • No referral required for specialists
  • Hospital copay – $230/day Days 1-7
  • Doctors visits – $10 = Primary; $35 = Specialists
  • Outpatient Surgery – $0 – $100
  • Labs – $0 – $25
  • Diagnostic Procedures and Tests – $0 – $200
  • X-rays – $35
  • Part D Deductible – $0
  • Part D Drugs – Tier 1 = $7; Tier 2 = $43; Tier 3 = $85; Tier 4 + 5 = 33%; Tier 6 = $7
  • No preventative dental, vision, or hearing

You may purchase a dental plan that costs $12/monthly and gives you 2 cleanings and 1 x-ray per year.  You also have the option to purchase a dental/vision plans for $32/monthly.  This plan gives you up to $1,000 additional in comprehensive dental benefits along with an annual eye exam.  Finally, you can purchase a third plan for $45/monthly that gives you all of the benefits in plan 2 plus eye wear and chiropractor and acupuncture benefits.  Typically, I have found that it is not a good idea to purchase these coverages through your Medicare advantage plan.  Why?  Well, they usually have pretty watered down benefits, and they usually have little to no network of providers for you to use.

Since this plan is an HMO you will want to verify that your providers are in the plan’s network.  You will also want to compare plans at to make sure this plan offers the most value and coverage for your needs!

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