Texarkana Community Care Plus HMO Review

Texarkana Community Care Plus is offered by Arcadian Health plan which offers Medicare Health and Prescription drug plans in several states.  Texarkana Community Care Plus is an HMO Medicare Advantage plan available in select counties in none other than Texas and Arkansas!  Recently Arcadian Health plan became part of Humana which may add additional network options for you.  It is only available to residence of Columbia, Hempstead, Howard, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, Nevada, Ouachita, and Sevier counties in Arkansas; and only Bowie, Cass, Red River, and Titus counties in Texas.  Below is a summary of the benefits offered by the plan:

Texarkana Community Care Plus (HMO)

  • Premium – $0/monthly
  • Maximum Out of Pocket – $4,400
  • Referral required for specialists
  • Hospital copay – $165/day Days 1-5
  • Doctors visits – $0 = Primary; $25 = Specialists
  • Outpatient Surgery – $200
  • Labs – $0
  • Diagnostic Procedures and Tests – $0
  • X-rays – 20%
  • Part D Deductible – $0
  • Part D Drugs – Tier 1 = $4; Tier 2 = $15; Tier 3 = $45; Tier 4 = $89; Tier 5 = 33%
  • Dental cleanings and x-rays covered up to $1,000 for comprehensive dental benefits
  • Routine hearing exam = $25; hearing covered up to $1,200
  • Eye exam and glasses covered up to $150

NOTE:  the dental, vision, and hearing befits are very similar to those offered in the Plus Dual plans that Arcadian Health plan has.  My guess is since they are not offering a Texarkana Dual Plus plan, they are incorporating the extra benefits that are found in the Dual Plus plan.  This is a nice benefit for those living in this area that need the extra services that this plan offers.  Since it is an HMO you will want to verify that your providers are in the plan’s network before joining.

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