United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Changes Brand in 2012

Which of these Medicare Advantage Plans is better? AARP, Secure Horizons, United Healthcare?  The answer is “They are all the same!”  Medicare and Medicare Advantage is confusing enough without adding three different brands onto one Medicare Advantage plan.  This is exactly what United Healthcare has done with their Medicare Advantage Plan.  Thankfully, the brilliant minds behind this Medicare advantage program have realized the confusion, and have implemented a plan to simplify the branding.United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Changes 2012

United Healthcare to Replace Secure Horizons Brand in 2012

No, the Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage plan is not going away, but the branding for Secure Horizons is.  The plan is to start by branding the Medicare Advantage plan as AARP Secure Horizons by United Healthcare so that anywhere you see the Secure Horizons brand you will also see by United Healthcare.  Starting in 2012 you will see AARP United Healthcare without the Secure Horizons.  This is because most seniors are familiar with the United Healthcare branding as they probably had or knew someone who had United Healthcare medical insurance at some time in the past.  The Secure Horizons branding was not familiar to most seniors, and was just causing confusion. See my post reviewing their plans:

AARP United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans for 2011

AARP Remains Part of the BRAND

AARP has long been associated with the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan.  As you are probably already aware, AARP does not actually provide any insurance coverage.  They simply receive a fee from the company in order to display the AARP branding on their products.  With the recent backlash among seniors toward AARP, it is somewhat surprising that a change was not made to remove the AARP branding from the product.  As of now expect to see AARP United Healthcare on the Medicare Advantage plan for 2012 and beyond.  Check here for the latest Medicare Advantage plans by Secure Horizons.


  1. Ann says

    Well, I am just as confused as before; IS SECURE HORIZONS STILL A PART OF THE PLAN OR HAVE THEY THEIR OWN PLAN? Also, it is getting nearer to October and I have not received any information regarding any changes. I don’t really care who’s name is on my plan as long as I receive good service. Also, I knew AARP was only a promoter name not an insurance company. Most people know this. Please put this in plain English and send us all a copy of what you are doing; not heresay.

    • admin says

      Ann, sorry you are still confused. Secure Horizons will no longer be part of the plan, and they will not have their own plan. Instead it will say AARP United Healthcare. Also, you will probably receive your ANOC the last week of September so look for that in the next 2 weeks.

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