Wellcare PDP – Wellcare Classic or Wellcare Extra

Wellcare currently offers two PDP or Medicare Prescription drug plans.  In 2012, the two plans offered are Wellcare Classic and Wellcare Signature.  For 2013, they are getting rid of the Wellcare Signature plan and introducing the Wellcare Extra plan.  The Wellcare Extra plan will include 0 copays for some generic drugs as well as coverage through the Coverage Gap.  Let’s look at the difference between the two plans for 2013:

Wellcare Classic PDP

  • Lower premium than the Wellcare Signature plan.  Less than $30 in some areas.
  • $0 deductible – NEW this year reduced from $320 in 2012
  • Preferred generic drugs $6
  • Preferred brand drugs $45
  • Non-preferred drugs $95
  • Specialty Tier Drugs 33%
While we see no deductible this year for this plan, we also are seeing increases for copays for each tier.

Wellcare Extra PDP

  • Higher premium than the Wellcare Classic plan, but quite a bit lower than last years premium.
  • $0 deductible
  • Preferred generic drugs $0
  • Non-Preferred generic drugs 25%
  • Preferred brand drugs 25%
  • Non-Preferred brand drugs 50%
  • Specialty Tier drugs 33%
  • Tier 1 drugs only $2 during the Coverage Gap!

Both plans offer discounts for using the preferred mail order program that is available.  You won’t have a problem finding a pharmacy to use since Wellcare uses over 60,000 pharmacies and the majority of chains including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Publix, Target, etc…  Also, make sure you verify that your drugs are covered by the formulary which you can do on Wellcare’s website.  Overall, I like the changes that were made for 2013.  Whenever I see percentages for copays I start to question the plan.  They could be a good thing depending on how expensive the drug is.  If your drug falls into the 50% Tier and is really expensive you should probably steer clear of the new Extra plan offering.  If you do live in Alabama or Florida and would like to enroll into Wellcare you may do so through the link provided.

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