Windsor RX by Sterling Life

Windsor RX is Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or PDP backed by Sterling Life Insurance company.  In addition to the Windsor RX PDP, Sterling offers Medicare Advantage Plans in the form of HMO’s, PPO’s, and PFFS.  Unlike many PDP’s, Windsor RX is not nationally available.  The service area for the Windsor RX plan includes 19 different states.

Windsor RX Coverage

The coverage for the Windsor RX plan will depend on what state you live in.  AL, AR, MS, and TN all fall under one plans while IA, MN, MT, ND, NE, SD, and WY all fall under another plan.  The other covered states include SC, LA, TX, ID, UT, OK, OR, and WA.  These states carry their own separate coverage, or share coverage with only one other state.  Below is the important details of the coverage provided through Windsor RX.

  1. Premium – $20.80 to $34.90 depending on what state you live in
  2. Deductible – $320 for all plans
  3. Tier 1 – $6 = 30 days and $18 = 90 days in all states
  4. Tier 2 – $34 to $45 depending on what state you live in
  5. Tier 3 – $80 to $90 depending on what state you live in
  6. Tier 4 – 25% on all plans
The best way to find what you would pay is to visit the Windsor RX website and select your county and state.  As with most PDP’s the Windsor RX plans uses a formulary to determine what drugs are covered.  Their formulary contains at least two drugs in each class of the most commonly used drugs so finding your drug should not be difficult.  In some cases they cover all drugs in a certain drug class.  They do use a network of pharmacies that you must go to in order to fill your drugs.  Their network  of pharmacies is considered to be extensive.  Always remember to check your drugs against the companies drug list to make sure that they are covered, and to find out what tier they are in.
Note:  The Windsor RX plan rating with Medicare is 2.5 to  3 stars!